Repo Men (2010): Body Count Breakdown

Repo Men (2010): Body Count by Eggimann


Remy (Jude Law): 23
Jake (Forest Whitaker): 3
Beth (Alice Braga): 4


Apartment: 1
Remy kills repoes a guy

Taxi: 1
Jake kills repoes a guy

Boat: 18
Remy stabs and slashes 4 guys with a knife
14 other people repoed by Remy and Jake off-screen

Building: 1
Remy drops a typewriter on a Repo Man´s head

Asbury´s Place: 1

Asbury´s body seen, having been repoed by Jake

Raid: 30
30 dead bodies can be seen

Entering The Union: 1

Remy shoots a guard in his head

Lab: 5

5 scientists “accidentally” shot by guards

Hallway of Asskicking: 18
The guards shoots the guy Remy holds hostage, shared kill
Remy shoots 4 guards
Beth chops a guard in the neck with an ass
Remy stabs 2 guys with knifes
Remy slashes a guys throat with knifes
Beth shoots a guard
Remy stabs a man in the chest with a knife
Beth shoots another guard
Remy slashes 2 guys throat with a hacksaw
Remy stabs a guy in the chest with a hook
Remy holds a guy while Beth puts a plastic bag over his head and hits him with a hammer, shared kill
Remy kills 2 guys by hitting them in the head with a hammer

The Pink Room: 1

Jake stabs Frank through the throat


Many people are shot with stun guns throughout, but i didn’t count them.
I didn’t count the guys repoed offscreen in the both in either Jake’s or Remy´s final kills, because it is which kills belong to who.