Toy Soldiers (1991) Body Count Breakdown

Toy Soldiers (1991) Body Count Breakdown by Kooshmeister


Jack Thorpe (Michael Champion): 3
Luis Cali (Andrew Divoff): 2
Jorge (Jerry Valdez): 1


Colombian Court: 2
-A terrorist knocks a woman out the window
-Luis throws the judge out of the helicopter

Border Crossing: 2

-Jack shoots 2 border patrol officers

Taking Over the School: 2

-Jack shoots Frank Ingram
-Luis shoots Jesse Miller

An “Accident”: 1

-Jorge shoots Joey

No Such Thing As An Accident: 1

-Enrique Cali is shivved by an inmate in prison

Taking Back the School: 10

-Snipers shoot 2 terrorists on the roof
-Dying terrorist drops a grenade, killing 2 soldiers
-Jack is shot by a helicopter gunship
-The gunship shoots 2 terrorists in the belltower
-The soldiers shoot a terrorist during the courtyard battle
-Another terrorist is killed with a grenade
-Luis is shot by the soldiers as he tries to set off the bombs


-The last two terrorists, assigned by Luis to hold the soldiers off while he tries to set the bombs off, are either killed or arrested offscreen.