Red Hill (2010) Bodycount Breakdown

Red Hill (2010): Body Count by killcountsrus79


Shane Cooper(Ryan Kwanten)=2
Jimmy Conway(Tom E. Lewis)=9
Old Bill(Steve Bisley)=1


Police Station-2
-Jimmy shoots a police man with a shotgun,but he dies later on in the film
-Jimmy shoots a police man in the arm,and shoots him while he’s on the floor

The Bar-1
-Jimmy shoots the bartender

The Streets-3
-Jimmy shoots a sniper in the head
-Old Bill accidently shoots a police officer
-Jimmy snipes a police oficer in the head

On The Road-1
-Jimmy shoots a man off screen

“He’s an innocent man!”-2
-An old man hangs himself
-Jimmy’s wife raped and murdered offscreen

The Final Showdown-6
-Jimmy shoves a spear through a police mans throat
-Jimmy throws a boomerang into a police mans head
-Shane shoots two of Old Bills partners.
-Jimmy shoots Old Bill in the head
-Police officers gun down Jimmy