Legion (2010) Body Count Breakdown

Legion (2010) Body Count Breakdown by Rorschach94


Michael (Paul Bettany): 21
Bob Hanson (Dennis Quaid): 69
Kyle Williams (Tyrese Gibson): 15
Percy Walker (Charles S. Dutton): 5
Jeep Hanson (Lucas Black): 2
Audrey Anderson (Willa Holland): 2
Gabriel (Kevin Durand): 1

Possessed Burton (Josh Stamberg): 1
Possessed Boy (Cameron Harlow): 1


Opening: 2
-Possessed Burton shoots Estevez
-Michael shoots Burton

“The Baby Will Burn”: 1

-Kyle shoots Gladys Foster

Test of Strength: 23

-Michael shoots the possessed Ice Cream Man
-Percy, Bob, Kyle and Michael shoot 3 cars, killing their drivers (All four get the kills)
-Michael shoots 1 car, causing it to explode
-Michael blows up a car with a rocket launcher
-Michael shoots the drivers of 3 more cars
-Michael shoots 1 possessed person
-Kyle shoots 5 possessed people
-Bob shoots a possessed guy
-Percy shoots 2 possessed guys
-5 additional bodies laying on the ground in the aftermath

Test of Weakness: 2
-Howard explodes into acid
-The acid burns Percy to death

Trap: 21

-Innocent man run down by possessed people
-Kyle shoots 6 possessed guys
-Possessed boy kills Kyle
-Audrey shoots 2 possessed people
-Michael shoots 8 possessed people
-Michael breaks a possessed guy’s neck
-Michael’s flamethrower kills 1 possessed person
-Jeep shoots the possessed little boy

Gabriel Arrives: 1
-Michael shoots Audrey

Michael vs. Gabriel: 1
-Gabriel kills Michael’s human body

“Sorry, We’re Out of Business”: 65
-Bob blows up the diner, killing himself and 64 possessed people

Escape: 1
-Jeep accidentally kills Audrey