The Departed (2006) Body Count Breakdown

The Departed (2006) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09


Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon): 3
Arnold “Frenchy” French (Ray Winstone): 3
Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson): 2
Trooper Barrigan (James Badge Dale): 2
Sean Dignam (Mark Wahlberg): 1
Fitzy (David O’Hara): 1, shared with Delahunt
Delahunt (Mark Rolston): 1, shared with Fitzy


Intro/Beach: 2
-Costello executes a man and his wife

“You’re No Cop”: 1
-A picture of the dead Jackie Costigan is seen

Hospital: 1

-Billy’s mother dies of cancer off-screen

Dignam’s Briefing: 1

-A picture of an innocent man seen dead

Introducing Frenchy: 1
-Frenchy strangles his wife to death with a garotte wire

Crime Scene: 2
-The 2 mobsters from Providence are seen dead

House: 1
-Frenchy shoots a guy in the head

Alley: 1

-Colin stabs the Chinese guy in the chest with a switchblade

Taking The Fall: 1
-Fitzy and Delahunt throw Queenan off a tall building to his death (it is not shown who exactly threw him off but both Fitzy and Delahunt are seen grabbing and escorting him upstairs)

Hideout: 1
-Delahunt dies of a gunshot wound inflicted by an agent

Shoot-Out at Sheffield: 5
-Fitzy is shot in the head by the cops
-Cops machine gun 1 mobster
-Cops mow down 2 mobsters
-Cops shotgun 1 mobster

“Fuck It”: 1
-Frenchy shoots himself in the chin

“I Got Him!”: 1
-Collin shoots Costello

Elevator Surprise: 3
-Barrigan shoots Billy in the head as soon as he gets out
-Barrigan shoots Brown in the head after he discovers Billy
-Collin shoots Barrigan in the head with his own gun

Apartment/The Truth: 1

-Dignam shoots Colin in the head