Freejack (1992) Body Count Breakdown

Freejack (1992) Body Count Breakdown by H83tr3d


Alex Furlong (Emilio Estevez) : 11 ( 2 shared with Vacendak)
Boone (Grand L. Bush) : 8
Victor Vacendak (Mick Jagger) : 4 ( 2 shared with Furlong)


Convoy Ambush : 10
-Mercenaries kill at least 5 of Vacendak’s men
-Vacendak 30cal’s a merc
-2 more mercs killed by Vacendak’s men
-Furlong uses the “lobotomy cannon” to kill 2 of Vacendak’s med techs

Natives are restless : 1
-One of the thugs SMG’s another one

Betrayal : 1
-Brad gunned down in cafeteria

How’s my driving ? : 3
-Furlong causes 2 separate crashes that kills 3 of Vacendak’s men

Keep my grandma happy : 13
-Boone ambushes and kills 3 mercs
-Boone blows up himself and 4 more thugs
-Vacendak’s man electrocuted by Furlong
-Furlong guns down 1 thug
-Both Furlong and Vacendak gun down 2 thugs (2 shared kills)
-A hand grenade from one of the thugs blows up the remaining 1 (Furlong’s kill , he shot the thug holding the grenade)

Time for a change : 17

-Ian McCandless’ body is shown , dead from a lethal virus*
-Vacendak’s men gun down at least 15 security members in the lobby
-Furlong shoots 1 of the security members

Goddamn you , McCandless ! : 1
-Vacendak and his men gun down Mark Michelette


Mark Michelette held a nurse that aided Furlong hostage , no idea whatsoever of her fate
More people could of been killed in the convoy ambush and ghetto fights
*Ian McCandless mind is shown to be alive in some capacity but I counted him as a death cause of his body ( his mind is destroyed anyway but I didn’t count that)