Green Lantern (2011) Body Count Breakdown

Green Lantern [Extended Cut] (2011) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09


Parallax (voiced by Clancy Brown): 20
Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard): 8
Hal Jordan/Green Lantern (Ryan Reynolds): 4
Martin Jordan (Jon Tenney): 3


Planet Ryut: 3
-Parallax kills 3 Lanterns

Tragedy: 4
-Martin Jordan’s plane crashes into a tower, killing 3 workers
-Martin Jordan dies in the ensuing explosion

Swamp: 1
-Abin Sur dies from a wound inflicted by Parallax

“My Face Is Just Warming Up”: 3
-The ring (controlled by Hal) creates a fist, which knocks Joe into a brick wall with brute force
-The ring sends the another bully into a car windshield
-The ring sends the last bully onto the bed of a truck, where he falls off and hits his head on the ground hard

Capturing Parallax: 4
-Parallax kills 4 Lanterns

“Keep Him Under”: 7
-Hector kills a doctor by forcing a needle into his head
-Hector uses the robot arms to knock 2 guards against each other head-first, killing them
-Hector re-directs the stun gun electricity into 4 guards, electrocuting and killing all of them

“I’ll Never Go Back!”: 1
-Hector throws Senator Hammond through a glass window and burns him alive with the machine’s flame throwers

Warehouse: 1
-Parallax kills Hector

Parallax Attacks: 11
-Parallax kills 11 civilians

Final Fight: 1
-Hal throws Parallax into the sun where he is finally destroyed (the movie makes it very clear that Parallax was once like the Lanterns but was exposed to the yellow energy of fear)