Red Dawn (1984): Body Count Breakdown

Red Dawn (1984): Body Count by Kooshmeister


Jed Eckert (Patrick Swayze): 15
Robert Morris (C. Thomas Howell): 10
Matt Eckert (Charlie Sheen): 8
Toni Mason (Jennifer Grey): 6
Danny (Brad Savage): 4
Erica Mason (Lea Thompson): 3
Arturo “Aardvark” Mondragon (Doug Toby): 3
General Strelnikov (William Smith): 2
Colonel Andrew Tanner (Powers Boothe): 1
Daryl Bates (Darren Dalton): 1


Red dawn: 5
-A Soviet paratrooper shoots Mr. Teasdale
-1 student shown hit by paratroopers’ gunfire
-2 students killed by a rocket-propelled grenade
-1 armed civilian shown dead, killed by the invading Soviets

Nighttime battle: 4

-An American army helicopter blows up 4 Cuban soldiers

First blood: 3
-Toni shoots one of the Soviet officers
-Robert shoots the second officer
-Jed shoots Yuri

Public execution: 15

-The Soviets execute 15 people including Mr. Eckert and Mr. Mondragon

Gas station ambush: 3
-Jed shoots 1 Soviet tank crewman
-Aardvark shoots the Soviet tank commander
-Daryl shoots the remaining tank crewman

“Wolverines!”: 24
-The kids shoot 11 Soviet soldiers and 1 officer who were about to execute a group of civilians
-Jed and Aardvark throw grenades at an armored car, killing 1 crewman that we see (it is Aardvark’s grenade that appears to kill him)
-Jed shoots a Soviet on a telephone pole
-2 Soviets are shot by Toni and Danny
-Danny kills 2 Cuban soldiers with a rocket-propelled grenade
-Matt kills 3 Cubans with grenades
-1 Cuban and 1 Soviet seen lying dead
-Matt kills another unidentified enemy soldier with a grenade

Roadside ambush: 14
-Jed blows up 6 Cuban soldiers and 1 Soviet officer with claymores
-Robert (difficult to tell with the mask) blows up 7 Cubans with a grenade

Liberating the re-education camp: 16
-2 Soviet guards are killed by rocket-propelled grenade
-The kids shoot 2 guards
-3 guards blown up
-Toni and Erica shoot 3 guards
-The kids shoot 3 more guards manning an anti-aircraft gun
-Danny shoots 1 guard
-Aardvark shoots 1 guard
-Tanner blows up the jet fighter, killing the pilot

Reprisal: 5

-Cuban soldiers execute 5 prisoners

Tank battle: 3

-A Soviet tank gunner shoots Aardvark
-Matt kills the tank gunner with a rocket-propelled grenade
-Tanner is killed by a grenade flung by a tank crewman

Snow battle: 8
-The kids kill 8 Spetsnaz troopers (best estimate)

“Because we live here!”: 2
-Jed shoots Stepan
-Robert shoots Daryl

Hunting the foxes: 3

-Robert shoots the door gunner of one of the helicopters with a rocket-propelled grenade
-One of the helicopters strafes Robert and kills him
-Toni blows up herself and a Spetsnaz trooper with a grenade

Final battle: 12

-2 Soviet soldiers are blown up
-1 more Soviet is shown shot
-Jed blows up 2 Soviets with grenades
-Matt shoots 1 Soviet
-Jed blows up 1 Soviet soldier with a rocket-propelled grenade
-Matt blows up General Bratchenko with a rocket-propelled grenade, also accidentally killing the Nicaraguan captain with the backblast
-Strelnikov shoots Matt, who dies of his injuries later
-Jed and Strelnikov shoot each other; Strelnikov dies instantly, Jed later of his injuries