Masters Of The Universe (1987) Body Count Breakdown

Masters Of The Universe (1987) Body Count Breakdown by Kooshmeister


He-Man (Dolph Lundgren): 41
Man-At-Arms (Jon Cypher): 11
Teela (Chelsea Field): 6
Detective Lubic (James Tolkan): 4
Skeletor (Frank Langella): 3
Kevin Corrigan (Robert Duncan McNeil): 3


Rescuing Gwildor: 7
-He-Man kills 4 Troopers
-He-Man kills 1 Warlord
-Man-At-Arms kills 1 Trooper
-Teela kills 1 Trooper

Escaping to Earth: 13

-He-Man kills 13 Troopers

Warehouse Battle: 3

-He-Man kills 3 Troopers

The Penalty For Failure: 1
-Skeletor kills Saurod

Music Store Fight: 15
-He-Man kills 4 Troopers
-He-Man kills 1 Warlord
-Man-At-Arms kills 7 Troopers
-Teela kills 3 Troopers

Stealing Back The Key: 5

-He-Man kills 3 Air Centurions
-He-Man kills 5 Troopers

Rooftop Fight: 2

-He-Man kills 2 Troopers

The Final Battle: 24

-Skeletor accidentally kills 2 Troopers
-Lubic kills 4 Troopers
-2 Troopers killed by unidentified shooters
-Kevin kills 3 Troopers
-Man-At-Arms kills 3 Troopers
-Teela kills 2 Troopers
-He-Man kills 8 Troopers


-The bodies of many slain Eternian soldiers are seen.
-During the first fight He-Man kicks the first Trooper and knocks him down. He subsequently disappears.
-During the music store battle when He-Man kills the Warlord who was going to kill Man-At-Arms, there was a Trooper with the Warlord who disappears during the scene of the Warlord being shot.
-He-Man knocks Blade offscreen during the final battle and he is never seen again.
-Skeletor falls down a shaft but survives as revealed after the end credits.

Note: There is a goof when He-Man steals back the Cosmic Key. The wide shot shows only five Troopers with Evil-Lyn, Karg and Beastman. In rapid succession, He-Man is shown shooting five… somehow leaving two still standing to shoot at him as he retreats.