Jonny’s Golden Quest (1993) Body Count Breakdown

Jonny’s Golden Quest (1993) Body Count Breakdown by Kooshmeister


Race Bannon (voice of Granville Van Dusen): 10
Jonny Quest (voice of Will Estes): 2
Dr. Benton Quest (voice of Don Messick): 2
Hadji Singh (voice of Rob Paulsen): 2
Dr. Zin (voice of Jeffrey Tambor): 2


Volcano Base Assault: 18
-A Replicant melts when his genetic structure decomposes
-Race kicks 1 Replicant into a control panel, electrocuting him
-Hadji knocks 1 Replicant off a ledge
-Hadji kills 1 Replicant by making a door shut on him
-Snipe’s gun goes off when dropped, shooting 2 Replicants in their tanks
-Zin shoots 2 of his own Replicants for running away
-Race shoots 5 Replicants
-Race kills 3 Replicants by dropping Zin’s cloning machine on them
-Zin’s perfected clone and Rachel Quest are killed falling into molten lava

Snow Chase: 1
-A Replicant shoots Chika

Hotel Room Ambush: 1

-The Replicant sent to kill the kids dies when he melts due to his genetic structure decomposing

Finding Devlon: 1

-Zin’s robot disintegrates Devlon

Desalination Plant Showdown: 6
-Quest throws a light fixture onto a metal staircase, electrocuting 2 Replicants
-Jonny shoots 2 Replicants
-Race shoots Zin’s robot
-2 of Zin’s perfected clones are destroyed inside their tanks when the desalination plant explodes (the third survives)
-Zin is trapped in his submarine and dies when the desalination plant explodes


-Many Replicants, guards and scientists were in or near Zin’s volcano base when it exploded, but none were seen during its actual destruction.
-The Replicant who failed to retrieve the gold mask is seen buried in the earth up to his neck with a platter cover over his head but it is unclear if Zin killed him later.
-Snipe is last seen being attacked by the corpses reanimated by Hadji’s magic but is unclear if he dies or not.
-There were more Replicants in the desalination plant at the end before it got destroyed but none shown during its actual destruction.