Jonny Quest Versus The Cyber Insects (1995) Body Count Breakdown

Jonny Quest Versus The Cyber Insects (1995) Body Count Breakdown by Kooshmeister


Race Bannon (voice of Granville Van Dusen): 13
Hadji Singh (voice of Rob Paulsen): 7
Dr. Benton Quest (voice of Don Messick): 2
Dr. Zin (voice of Jeffrey Tambor): 1


No More Chances: 1
-425 is killed offscreen by the Hymenoptoids

Snow Battle: 1

-Race shoots a Formicoid

Taking Quest Station: 10
-1 Quest Station guard is shot by a Formicoid
-5 Formicoids are shot by the Quest Station guards
-Quest shoots 2 Formicoids
-The bodies of 2 Quest Station guards are seen

The Battle Arena: 1

-A Hymenoptoid kills a Formicoid

427’s Number Is Up: 1
-Zin puts 427 in a chamber and freezes him to death

Space Battle: 14
-Quest Shuttle 2, flown by remote by Race, destroys 12 insect fighters (each bug-shaped ship has a single insectoid pilot)
-2 insect fighters accidentally shoot each other

Birth Of The Assassinoid: 5

-The Assassinoid knocks 3 Platinoids off a ledge
-The Assassinoid melts a Hymenoptoid with its acid spit
-The Assassinoid picks up and throws a Formicoid

Ethynol Chamber Shootout: 7

-Hadji destroys a valve flooding the chamber, sweeping away and drowning 7 Formicoids

Fighting Back: 2

-Quest Shuttle 1’s lasers shoot 2 Formicoids


-426 is “demoted” to being a test subject and dropped through a trapdoor and is never seen again. Zin didn’t intend to kill her, though. It’s possible she dies when the base explodes at the end but this is never shown.
-Race “dies” during the space battle (his heart stops) but he comes back to life in a thoroughly cheesy, unexplained manner.
-The Assassinoids essentially unkillable; they keep regenerating into more like amoebas when “killed.” Possibly each individual Assassinoid could count as a kill, since the new ones that spring from its body parts aren’t the original creature but this isn’t made apparent.
-4-DAC’s body is destroyed but his CPU survives as a program on Jonny’s laptop.
-Zin’s insect army is sucked into space but there are too many to count.