Dragon Squad (2005) Body Count Breakdown

Dragon Squad [Mang Lung] (2005) Body Count Breakdown by Eggimann


Ko Tung-Yuen (Huh Joon-Ho): 20
Yuet (Maggie Q): 20
Petros Angelo (Michael Biehn): 15
Lee Chun Pei (Philip Ng): 13
Joe Pearson (Mark Henderson): 5
Tiger Duen (Kent Tong): 2
Dominic Angelo (Abraham Boyd): 1
James Lam (Lawrence Chou): 1
Luo Zai-Jun (Xia Yu): 1
Pak Yut-Suet (Huang Shengyi): 1
Panther Duen (Ng Doi-yung): 1
Wang Sun-Ho (Vanness Wu): 1


Intro: 4
-Joe breaks a cops neck
-Lee hangs a cop
-Ko slits a cops throat
-Ko suffocates a cop

Highway Shootout: 19
-Grenade booby-trapped in cops mouth blows up, killing him and 3 other cops
-Joe shoots 3 cops
-Yuet snipes 4 cops
-Lee shoots 3 cops
-Ko shoots 3 cops
-Petros shoots 2 cops

First Flashback: 2
-Tiger shoots Dominic
-Panther shoots a guy

Second Flashback: 3
-Dominic shoots a cop
-Ko shoots a cop
-Another cop shot by unknown

Meeting: 6
-Lee kills a thug off-screen by cutting his leg off
-Tiger and his men accidentally shoots one of their own
-Lee kills 3 thugs using an umbrella
-Joe uses a fan to cut a thugs throat

Getting Tiger: 45
-Ko shoots 6 cops
-Ko grenades 4 cops
-Lee shoots a box of nails, killing 2 cops
-Lee shoots 3 cops
-8 dead bodies seen, killled by Yuet
-Ko grenades 3 cops
-Yuet snipes 7 cops
-Panther severed head seen
-Petros shoots 11 cops

Alley Shootout: 2
-Suet shoots Lee
-Yuet shoots Suet

Hospital: 1
-Hon Sun dies from gunshot wounds inflicted by Petros

Big W: 1
-James electrocutes Joe

Graveyard: 1
-Jun shoots Yuet

Way Out: 1
-Ko stabs himself

Cinema: 1
-Petros shoots Tiger in the head

Laundry Room: 1
-Ho shoots Petros


A fan falls on 3 guys, but i am unsure if they were all killed.
Yuet eye-gouges a guy, but i am not sure if he died