Body Count (1998) Body Count Breakdown

Body Count (1998) Body Count Breakdown by ArnoldVoslooT800


Chino (John Leguizamo): 4
Hobbs (David Caruso): 3


Failed Robbery: 2
-A masked Hobbs blows up two policemen after he shoots at the windshields and engine of their car causing it to turn over and explode seconds later

Highway Incident: 2
-Chino shoots the highway officer with his pistol
-Hobbs shoots Booker’s half-conscious corpse killing him (he had broken his neck earlier but he was still breathing)

The Shit Hits the Fan!: 2
-Chino shoots 2 security guards in the robbery flashback

Second Robbery Flashback/Hotel Incident: 3

-Chino smothers Hobbs with a pillow
-Two police officers gun down Crane
-The SWAT team guns down Chino