Live And Let Die (1973) Body Count Breakdown

Live And Let Die (1973) Body Count Breakdown by Longuecarabine

(Previously done by Rorschach94 and ASHPD24)


RN Commander James Bond/Agent 007 (Roger Moore): 8
Whisper (Earl Jolly Brown): 1
Dambala (Michael Ebbin): 1


United Nations: 3
One of Kananga’s men detonates explosives planted in a headset, killing Agent Dawes

“Whose funeral is it?”/”Yours”: 1
One of Kananga’s men stabs Agent Hamilton

Ceremony: 1
Dambala jabs Agent Baines with a snake, poisoning him

“Hey Charlie, let’s get there in one piece”: 1
Whisper shoots Charlie in the head

“Take this honky out and waste him!”: 1
Bond pulls a fire escape onto the head of one of Kananga’s men

Island: 1
A scarecrow shoots Rosie Carver

Parasailing: 1
Bond kicks one of Kananga’s men off a cliff

Boat Chase: 1
Bond splashes gasoline on Adam, then pulls a lever on Adam’s boat causing it to go out of control and into a ship blowing him up

Rescuing Solitaire: 2
Bond shoots Dambala
Bond shoots one of Kananga’s men

“He always did have an inflated opinion of himself”: 2
Bond kicks Whisper into a container and locks it, leaving Whisper to suffocate offscreen
Bond forces Kananga to swallow a shark bullet and detonates it, causing Kananga to inflate and explode

“Just being disarming darling”: 1
Bond throws Tee Hee off a train


Bond punches Baron Samedi into a coffin full of snakes but he comes back at the end of the film
Bond sets a spider on fire