Casino Royale (2006) Killcount & Body Count Breakdown

Casino Royale (2006)

Starring Daniel Craig

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Craig kills 13

Casino Royale rights held by Eon Productions, MGM and Sony.

Casino Royale (2006) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09

(Previously done by Statham17, Rorschach94 and ASHPD24)

[Character Kills]

RN Commander James Bond/Agent 007 (Daniel Craig): 13
Mollaka (Sebastien Foucan): 4
Mr. White (Jesper Christensen): 3
Carlos (Claudio Santamaria): 2
Vesper Lynd (Eva Green): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

“Yes considerably”: 2
Bond shoots Dryden
Bond shoots Fisher offscreen

Madagascar Chase: 4
Mollaka kicks a construction worker off a scaffolding causing him to fall to his death this then causes his fuel tank to fall and explode causing another construction worker to fall to his death (Mollaka’s kill)
Mollaka shoots 2 security guards

Embassy: 2
Soldiers accidentally shoot a soldier
Bond shoots Mollaka

Research: 1
Heni Marville-Beau’s body is seen in a photo shot in the head by an assassin

Museum: 1
Bond stabs Alex Dimitrios with his own knife

Miami Airport: 4
Carlos breaks an airport worker’s neck
A plane takes off and the turbines cause a cop car to fly into the air and crash killing 2 cops
Carlos detonates his key fob bomb after Bond clipped it onto his belt accidentally blowing himself up (Shared)

Villa: 1
Solange Dimitrios’ body is seen killed by Quantum agents

Staircase Fight: 2
Bond kicks Obanno’s Bodyguard over a staircase railing causing him to fall to his death
Bond strangles Obanno to death with his arm

Knowing Who to Trust: 3
Mr. White shoots Valenka offscreen
Mr. White shoots Kratt offscreen
Mr. White shoots Le Chiffre in the head

Venice: 6
Bond shoots one of Gettler’s men in the neck
Bond hits one of Gettler’s men in the face with a wooden plank killing him
Bond leaves one of Gettler’s men in front of a collapsing elevator crushing him
Bond electrocutes one of Gettler’s men with a live wire
Bond shoots Gettler in the eye with a nail gun
Vesper locks herself in an elevator which then falls into the water and drowns caused by Bond shooting out the inflatable supports to the building (Shared)

[The Unconfirmed And Uncounted]

-Bond shoots a gas tank at the embassy causing an explosion that knocks down several soldiers and some are shown getting up but none of them were killed since the newspaper only mentions Mollaka being killed

[The Final Tally= 26]