Hunt To Kill (2010) Body Count Breakdown

Hunt To Kill (2010) Body Count Breakdown by Eggimann


Jim Rhodes (Steve Austin): 6
Banks (Gil Bellows): 4
Jensen (Gary Daniels): 1
Dominika (Emilie Ullerup): 1
Lee Davis (Eric Roberts): 1
Lawson (Michael Hogan): 1


Drug Trailer: 4
Jim shoots 2 thugs
Lee shoots a thug
Lee dies being shot by thugs

Police Station: 1
Banks shoots the police chief

Forest: 1

Jensen shoots Crab

Finding Walt: 2

Walts dead body seen, presumably killed by Lawson off-screen
Dominika shoots Lawson

The Hunt Begins: 1
Jim shoots Geary with a crossbow

Fight!: 1

Jim stabs Jensen with a tree stick

Snowy Mountains: 1

Jim throws a spear in Dominika

Final Showdown: 4

Banks shoots 3 cops
Jim runs a 4×4 into Banks and then blows him up