Air Force One (1997) Body Count Breakdown

Air Force One (1997) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Kooshmeister)


Sergei Lenski (Levan Uchaneishvili): 10
Ivan Korshunov (Gary Oldman): 8
President James Marshall (Harrison Ford): 5
Agent Gibbs (Xander Berkeley): 5
Igor Nevsky (David Vadim): 2
Boris Bazylev (Andrew Divoff): 1
Vladimir Krasin (Ilia Volok): 1
Lt. Col. Jack Carlton (Don McManus): 1


Kidnapping Radek: 19
-American and Russian paratroopers shoot 11 guards
-1 paratrooper shot by the guards
-Paratroopers shoot 2 more guards
-5 guards are blown up by explosives planted on the roof

Taking the Plane: 15
-Gibbs shoots 3 Secret Service agents
-Ivan shoots 1 agent
-Krasin shoots 1 agent
-Ivan shoots another agent
-The agent running to protect Alice is shot in the back by an unidentified terrorist
-Ivan shoots 1 military officer
-Nevsky shoots the colonel carrying the Football
-Nevsky shoots 1 agent
-Agent Johnson is shot by an unidentified terrorist
-Boris shoots Agent Walters
-Ivan shoots 1 flight crewman
-Ivan shoots Colonel Axelrod
-Ivan shoots Lieutenant Colonel Ingraham

First Down: 1
-Marshall shoots Krasin

More Time: 1
-Ivan shoots Jack Doherty

Belowdeck Fight: 1
-Marshall breaks Boris’ neck

Forcing a Surrender: 1
-Ivan shoots Melanie

Parachuting to Freedom: 10
-Sergei shoots fire extinguisher to blow open door to cargo ramp, causing the navigator, 2 flight crewmen, and Nevsky to get sucked out of plane
-This causes the refueling plane to detatch, burn up and explode, killing (at least) 4 crew onboard
-2 more crewmen also fall out of Air Force Once

Retaking the Plane: 2
-Marshall shoots Kolchak
-Marshall shoots Sergei with his own gun

“Get off my plane!”: 1
-Marshall ties cargo strap around Ivan’s neck and then pulls his parachute ripcord, causing it to break Ivan’s neck, before pushing him off the plane

“Releasing” Radek: 3
-The prison guards shoot 1 of Radek’s men
-Radek’s men shoot 1 guard
-Radek is shot multiple times in the back by the guards

Dogfight: 4
-F-15s destroy 2 MiGs, killing their pilots
-Halo 2 sacrifices himself, taking a missile intended for Air Force One
-Carlton shoots down 1 MiG, killing its pilot

Freedom Flies: 3
-Gibbs shoots the pararescue jumper and he flies out of the plane
-Gibbs shoots Caldwell
-Air Force One crashes into the Caspian Sea with Gibbs still onboard


-It it possible that there were more than 4 crew members onboard the refueling plane, but those are the minimum requirements for the KC-10 Extender.