Enter The Dragon (1973) Body Count Breakdown

Enter The Dragon (1973) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Lee (Bruce Lee) – 6
Bolo (Bolo Yeung) – 4
Han (Shih Kien) – 2
Roper (John Saxon) – 1
Su Lin (Angela Mao) – 1


Briefing – 1
-Corpse of a stewardess named Mary King washed ashore on a beach

Flashback – 1

-Su Lin kills herself to avoid rape

Punishment – 4

-Bolo kills 4 disgraced guards

Revenge – 1

-Lee kills Oharra

Meeting – 1

-Han beats Williams to death with his iron hand

Cavern Fight – 5

-Lee stomps on a guard’s neck
-Lee twists another’s neck by the hair
-Lee hits a guard across the face and the guy fell over a railing, landing headfirst
-Prisoners strangles 1 guard
-Lee knocks a guard into a cauldron (steam is rising out of the cauldrom, implying that it is filled with hot water or some kind of acidic chemicals)

Final Tournament – 1

-Roper kills Bolo

Courtyard Battle – 2

-Han slash a slave across the face
-1 guard’s corpse seen lying on the floor during battle

Mirror Room – 1

-Lee impales Han on the spear protuding from a wall

Aftermath – 15*

-Corpses of 4 slaves and 9 guards seen scattered across courtyard
-1 of Han’s whore seen dead
-Tania’s corpse seen (it was implied that she was killed by Han, but not heavily enough)

*If the combatants in the courtyard are capable of beating two (not one, but… TWO!!!) helpless woman to death, nothing will stop them from killing each other. I counted unconscious bodies lying around after the battle as corpses.