Behind Enemy Lines (2001) Body Count Breakdown

Behind Enemy Lines (2001) Body Count Breakdown by ArnoldVoslooT800


Serbs-Bosnians: 53
Marines: 35
Chris Burnett (Owen Wilson): 2
Sasha (Vladimir Mashkov): 1


Captured: 1
Sasha shoots Stackhouse (Gabriel Macht) in the head

Dead Bodies Everywhere: 14
About 14 civilians seen massacred in flashback.

Minefield Pursuit: 3
Serbian henchman pursues Bennett, steps on a mine killing himself & 2 other men

Village: 35
The driver of the car is shot by civilian
1 civilian shot in background
9 dead civilian bodies seen outside the hideout
10 civilians killed by Serbian tank blast
4 more bodies
Another civilian killed by the Tank
7 new bodies
Another civilian shot in hideout
The father’s dead body (disguised in Burnett’s uniform) seen

Forest Walk/the Plane turns around: 1
Sasha forces Bazda to stay on the mine Bazda stepped on (not Sasha’s kill though)

War Crime Evidence: 1
Burnett stabs Sasha with an active flare

Final Battle Scene: 37

Burnett shoots a Serb in slow-motion
Marine’s helicopter destroys a tank turret containing 1 soldier
Serbian soldiers shoot 1 Marine on the helicopter
34 dead Serbian bodies seen