Submerged (2005): Body Count Breakdown

Submerged (2005): Body Count by luvmetener009 / Kooshmeister


Chris Cody (Steven Seagal): 21
Agent Fletcher (William Hope): 12
Damita (Alison King): 6
Henry (Vinnie Jones): 4
Luis (Stephen DaCosta): 3
Captain Plowden (Ross McCall): 3
Dr. Susan Chappell (Christine Adams): 2
Chief (P.H. Moriarty): 2
Colonel John Sharpe (Gary Daniels): 1


Assassination: 9
-Brainwashed Secret Service agents shoot 4 Marine guards
-Brainwashed Secret Service agents shoot the ambassador’s assistant
-One of the brainwashed agents shoots the ambassador
-The 3 brainwashed agents shoot each other

Drop Point Bravo: 9

-One of Hilan’s soldiers stabs the commandos’ ground contact
-Plowden shoots the goat herder, who then blows herself up with a bomb strapped to her waist
-Plowden shoots 1 soldier
-The commandos shoot 3 soldiers
-Bradley is shot by Hilan’s soldiers
-Moss shoots 1 soldier
-Soldiers shoot Moss as the commandos surrender

Looking For Americans: 7

-Fletcher shoots 2 of Hilan’s soldiers
-The brainwashed Plowden shoots 1 soldier
-The brainwashed Plowden shoots Hilan
-Fletcher shoots 4 more soldiers

Taking the Dam: 30

-Commando snaps the neck of 1 of Hilan’s soldiers
-Luis kills 1 soldier
-Chief stabs 1 soldier
-Commando snaps the neck of 1 soldier and throws him off the submarine conning tower
-We see another 1 soldier dumped into the water by Chief
-1 soldier seen getting his neck snapped by a commando
-Commando kills 1 soldier by strangling him
-Damita snaps 1 soldier’s neck with her thighs
-Henry snipes some oil drums, killing 2 soldiers by burning them to death
-Rollins is blown up by a tank
-Cody shoots 4 soldiers
-Damita blows up 4 soldiers by shooting an oil drum
-Cody blows up a tank containing at least 3 soldiers (driver, gunner and commander)
-8 soldiers are killed by unidentified shooters

Submerged: 7

-Ender dies on the operating table from injuries sustained earlier
-The brainwashed Sharpe breaks Doc’s neck
-Susan kills 1 brainwashed soldier by stabbing him in the neck
-Cody kills the brainwashed Sharpe by stabbing him in the neck
-One of the brainwashed soldiers shoots O’Hearn and Chief
-Cody trips 1 brainwashed soldier. Although he just seems to get knocked out, he’s left aboard the sub which is then blown up by the US Navy.
-Cody shoots the final brainwashed soldier

Sniper: 1

-Henry shoots the brainwashed Plowden

Car Chase: 1

-Luis shoots the taxi driver

Night at the Opera: 10

-Damita wraps a rope around a guard’s neck, causing him to be yanked up and hung when a prop palm tree is lowered onstage.
-Henry shoots Lehder’s sniper
-The brainwashed waiter shoots 2 bodyguards
-Cody shoots 1 brainwashed bodyguard
-The brainwashed orchestra conductor shoots Luis
-Luis shoots the brainwashed conductor before he dies
-The brainwashed theater usher shoots Henry
-Cody shoots the brainwashed usher.
-Cody shoots the brainwashed waiter.

Kelin Dyle: 16

-Fletcher takes a henchman’s gun and uses it to shoot him, 1 guard and 3 scientists offscreen (we see their bodies)
-Susan shoots a henchman with his own gun
-The henchmen shoot Sandrow
-Cody shoots 7 henchmen
-Cody fights the henchman guarding the elevator and shoots him with his own gun
-Fletcher knocks Lehder into his own brainwashing device, electrocuting him
-Cody kicks Fletcher through a window and he gets impaled on Lehder’s cane


-During the assault on the dam, it’s clear O’Hearn knocks out, rather than kills, most of the men he engages.
-Cody hits 2 guards with Sandrow’s car but it is unclear if they’re killed or not.
-It is unclear of the pilot of Lehder’s helicopter died when it crashed. The craft appeared mostly intact.