First The Governator, Now… This?

Imagine, if you will, a mad criminal genius.  Arrested, he takes his time, meticulously planning an awesome escape, and then waiting for that perfect moment to execute his evil deed.  Blasting his way out of a courthouse, he then turns southward, intending to seek refuge in Mexico from U.S. law enforcement.  Everything put in his path is swept away, everyone sent after him is killed.  But in one border tow, with an inexperienced staff, is one lone man, a local sheriff, willing to stand for justice.

Yeah, it sounds pretty standard these days.  Kind of a 70s throwback film.  But imagine that sheriff is actually this man:


That’s the plan, according to, who say Last Stand will be the former California governor’s first starring role in a live-action film since Terminator 3.  Though the interesting thing here is that this is also set to be Jee-woon Kim’s (The Good, the Bad, the Weird) debut U.S. film.

Fans following the production of Last Stand will note that the role of the sheriff was originally cast with Liam Neeson in the lead.  For whatever reason, Neeson left production, as he’s seemingly been on the verge of doing with Taken 2.  I find it a bit odd and perhaps a bit ironic that the casting of this role (one in which a U.S. official attempts to prevent a man from leaving the country) has on both occasions been connected with a foreign-born movie star.

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