Double Team (1997): Body Count Breakdown

Double Team (1997): Body Count by luvmetender009


Jack Quinn (Jean Claude Van Damme) – 9
Stavros (Mickey Rourke) – 7
Dr. Maria Trifoli (Valeria Cavalli) – 1


Rome – 1
-Stavros blows up Quinn’s deputy director

Amusement Park – 10

-Stavros shoots Quinn’s deadeye
-Stavros thugs shoots 1 agent
-Stavros shoots 1 agent
-Stray bullet accidentally kills Stavros’ girlfriend
-Agent shoots 1 of Stavros’ henchman
-Stavros shoots 3 agents
-Quinn shoots 1 thug
-Stavros’ son seen dead

Hospital – 1
-Dead attendant seen, executed by Stavros

Escape from the Island – 1
-Diver blown up by the Island’s own security mechanism (counted as Quinn’s kill since he subdued the diver earlier)

Mansion – 5
-Quinn shoots 4 thugs
-Quinn shoots the maid

Streets of Rome – 7
-Thug on horseback kills 5 innocent people
-Henchman kills 1 man
-Thug on horseback shot by an officer

Grand Hotel Regina – 1
-Quinn pushes henchman into the blade sticking out of a wall, impaling him

Hospital Ward – 1
-Maria shoots 1 thug

Coloseum – 2
-Quinn kicks a scaffolding, which drops the tiger into a trench and devouring the thug in it
-Stavros blown up by his own landmine.


-Many people are burnt up in the explosion during the opening chase, none of them appeared to have died.
-The Asian martial artist in the Grand Hotel was probably unconscious instead of dead at the end of the scene.
-Yaz beats up many people, but didn’t kill anyone.
-The colosseum’s explosion might’ve killed the rest of Stavros’ thugs beaten unconscious by Quinn and Yaz earlier, but we didn’t see them die, I didn’t count them.
-The body count also includes a tiger.