Yuen Biao Killcounts

Back Alley Princess
Chinese Hercules
Attack Of Kung Fu Girls
The Rendevous Of Warriors
Super Kung Fu Kid
The Master Of Kung Fu
King Of Thieves

Death Blows

The Boatman Fighters
Superman Against The Orient
Kung Fu Massacre

The Big Showdown

The Shrine Of Ultimate Bliss

A Man Called Stoner

From China With Death
The Bod Squad

Virgins Of The Seven Seas

The Tournament
The Valiant Ones
The Himalayan
The Rose And The Wild Dog
Killer Clans
Challenge Of The Masters
Secret Rivals: Enter The Silver Fox
The Hand Of Death

Strike Of Death

The Brotherhood
The Magic Blade
Shaolin Wooden Men
The Shaolin Plot
Secret Rivals 2
Jade Tiger
The Fatal Flying Guillotines
The Invincible Armour
Death Duel
Do Or Die

To Kill A Jaguar

Snuff Bottle Connection
Soul Brothers Of Kung Fu
The Amsterdam Kill
Heroes Of The Wild
Palace Carnage

Flying Guillotine 2

The Vengeful Beauty
Amsterdam Connection
The Kung-Fu Stars
My Kung-Fu Master
Enter The Fat Dragon
Swordsman And Enchantress
Spiritual Kung Fu
Warriors Two
Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog
Knockabout 1
Crazy Boy And Pop-Eye
The Victim
Bat Without Wings
The Prodigal Son
Carry On Pickpocket
Zu: Warriors From The Magic Mountain 6
The Champions 1
Project A 25
Pom Pom
Those Merry Souls
Mr. Vampire II
Righting Wrongs

Above The Law

Eastern Condors 25
Picture Of A Nymph 2
Dragons Forever 1
On The Run 2
Peacock King
The Iceman Cometh 3
Saga Of The Phoenix
Shanghai Shanghai
License To Steal
Once Upon A Time In China 1
A Kid From Tibet 1
Shogun & Little Kitchen
The Setting Sun
Once Upon A Chinese Hero 3
The Sword Stained With Royal Blood 1
Deadful Melody 1
Circus Kids
Don’t Give A Damn
Tough Beauty And The Sloppy Slop 7
Dragon From Shaolin
The Hero Of Swallow 5
Hero 96
The Hunted Hunter 3
A Man Called Hero 1
Millennium Dragon 10
The Avenging Fist 1
No Problem 2
Enter The Phoenix
Juvenile Chen Zhen
Boxer’s Story
Turning Point
Just Another Pandora’s Box
The Legend Is Born: Ip Man

Ip Man Zero

Kung-Fu Master 63
My Kingdom
The Guardsman
Tai Chi 2: The Hero Rises
Sifu vs. Vampire
Looking For The Dead Master
Heroes Return


No Kills In: Fist Of Fury, Hapkido, Cub Tiger From Kwan Tung [Little Tiger Of Canton, Ten Fingers Of Death], Enter The Dragon, When Taekwondo Strikes, The Man From Hong Kong, Hot Potato, Bruce Lee: The Man, The Myth, Broken Oath, Game Of Death, The Magnificent Butcher, The Young Master, Encounters Of The Spooky Kind [Spooky Encounters], Game Of Death II, Winners & Sinners, Wheels On Meals, My Lucky Stars, Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars, Mr. Vampire, The Millionaires’ Express [Shanghai Express], Project A 2 [Project A Part II], Miracles: The Canton Godfather [Mr. Canton And Lady Rose], Shanghai Noon, Rob-B-Hood, My Beloved Bodyguard

I Spy
Deer Squad


**All counts above 9 are tentative. Until there is a video showing verification, you may take these numbers with a grain of salt.