Sammo Hung Kam-Bo Killcounts


Education Of Love
The Birth Of Yue Fei
Father And Son
Land Of The Brave
The Invincible Kid Fong Sai-Yuk
The Magnificent Swordsman
Black Butterfly
The Smiling Swordsman
Death Valley
The Jade Raksha
The Fragrant Sword
The Devil Warrior
Vengeance Is A Golden Blade
Mad Mad Mad Swords
The Swordmates
The Golden Sword
The One-Armed Magic Nun
Dark Rendezvous
Brothers Five
The Golden Knight
Wrath Of The Sword
A Taste Of Cold Steel
The Iron Buddha
The Lady Hermit
The Invincible Eight
Six Assassins
The Blade Spares None
The Angry River 4
The Eunuch
Duel For Gold
The Crimson Charm
The Fast Sword
The Shadow Whip
The Comet Strikes
Swordsman At Large
Vengeance Of A Snowgirl
Bandits From Shantung
Hapkido 7
The Imperial Swordsman
Trilogy Of Swordsmanship
The Fugitive
The Filthy Guy
The Rendevous Of Warriors

When Dragons Collide

The Devil’s Treasure 3
When Taekwondo Strikes 2
Mai Ming
The Mandarin Magician
Village Of Tigers
The Skyhawk
The Manchu Boxer
A Man Called Stoner

The Shrine Of Ultimate Bliss

Little Superman
End Of The Wicked Tigers
The Tournament
Games Gamblers Play
The Association
Big Brother
The Young Rebel
All In The Family
The Valiant Ones
The Dragon Tamers
The Wandering Life
Hong Kong Superman
My Wacky, Wacky World
The Himalayan
The Hand Of Death 4
Tiger Of Northland
The Double Crossers
International Assassin
Shaolin Plot 2
Iron Fisted Monk 5
Winner Takes All
The Kung Fu Steps
Enter The Fat Dragon
Warriors Two 3
Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog
That Man From Singapore
The Incredible Kung Fu Master

They Call Me Phat Dragon

Knockabout 1
Crazy Boy And Pop-Eye

The Dragon, The Odds

Odd Couple
The Magnificent Butcher 1
The Victim 1
By Hook Or By Crook
Two Toothless Tigers
Encounter Of The Spooky Kind

Spooky Encounters

Chasing Girls
The Prodigal Son
Carry On Pickpocket
The Dead And The Deadly
Zu: Warriors From The Magic Mountain 4
Project A 6
Pom Pom
Wheels On Meals
The Owl vs. Bumbo
Those Merry Souls
Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars 1
The Millionaires’ Express

Shanghai Express

Where’s Officer Tuba? 1
Lucky Stars Go Places
Eastern Condors 66
Last Eunuch In China
To Err Is Human
Mr. Vampire Part 3
Paper Marriage
Dragons Forever 1
In The Blood
Painted Faces
Pedicab Driver
Seven Warriors 12
Eight Taels Of Gold
Encounter Of The Spooky Kind II
Story Of The Sword And The Sabre
The Fortune Code
The Shanghai Encounter
Skinny Tiger And Fatty Dragon 5
Pantyhose Hero
Licence To Steal
Island Of Fire 11
The Gambling Ghost
Touch And Go

Point Of No Return

The Tantana
Slickers vs. Killers 1
My Flying Wife
The Banquet
Daddy, Father And Papa
Ghost Punting
Lover’s Tear
Painted Skin
Blade Of Fury
The Evil Cult 8
King Swindler

Return Of The Fat Dragon

Don’t Give A Damn

Burger Cop

Somebody Up There Likes Me
How To Meet The Lucky Stars
The Stunt Woman
The Pale Sky
No Problem
Zu Warriors
The Avenging Fist

Fight Zone

Hidden Enforcers 1
Flying Dragon, Leaping Tiger 1
Dragon Laws I: The Undercover
Osaka Wrestling Restaurant
Legend Of The Dragon
SPL: Kill Zone 3
Twins Mission
Fatal Move 4
Three Kingdoms: Resurrection Of The Dragon 6
Kung Fu Chefs
Choyleefut: Speed Of Light
Naked Soldier 6
The Last Tycoon
Princess And Seven Kung-Fu Masters
Once Upon A Time In Shanghai
Rise Of The Legend
My Beloved Bodyguard

The Bodyguard

Call Of Heroes
God Of War
A Lifetime Treasure
The Last Honor


No Kills In: The Bells Of Death, A Touch Of Zen, Lady Whirlwind [Deep Thrust], Enter The Dragon, The Man From Hong Kong, Broken Oath, Game Of Death, Winners & Sinners, My Lucky Stars, Heart Of A Dragon [Heart Of The Dragon], Yes, Madam!, Project A 2 [Project A Part II], She Shoots Straight [Lethal Lady], Mr. Nice Guy, A Chinese Ghost Story: The Tsui Hark Animation, Around The World In 80 Days, Dragon Squad, Wushu, 14 Blades, Ip Man 2, The Legend Is Born: Ip Man [Ip Man Zero], A Simple Life


I Spy
L.A. Doctors
Early Edition
Walker, Texas Ranger
Martial Law
Deer Squad


**All counts above 9 are tentative. Until there is a video showing verification, you may take these numbers with a grain of salt.