The Magic Crane Body Count Breakdown

The Magic Crane [Xin Xian He Shen Zhen] (1993) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Pak Wan-Fai (Anita Mui) – 1
General Tsao Hung (Tielin Zhang) – 24


The Vampires Attack – 8
-8 warriors killed by vampire bats

Tsao Hung Appears – 2
-Tsao decapitates 2 warriors

Cliff – 1
-Lam Hoi-Ping fell to his death (he is inexplicably resurrected later in the film)

“I want revenge!!!” – 1
-Tsao kills the elder master

Black Dragon Clan’s Takeover – 4
-4 elder warriors’ corpses seen, killed offscreen by the clan’s members

Tsao Hung’s Return – 6
-Tsao kills 5 clan members and So Pang-Hoi

Escape – 1
-Hoi’s sister succumbs after she was wounded earlier by Tsao

Saving Lam – 10
-Tsao kills 10 of his own warriors in rage

Return to Boat – 13
-13 corpses of Lam’s servants/handmaidens seen

JiuZhou – 4
-Tsao kills his deputy and 3 of his own with his newly-acquired Funeral Bell of Doom

Final Fight – 1
-Wan-Fai blows up Tsao with her flute’s enchanted music (no I’m not kidding, it really happened)


-Wan-Fai kills a giant, fire-breathing tortoise.
-Ma and Yi beats the crap out of many people throughout the film but they didn’t kill anyone.
-The Magic Crane kills all the vampire bats that attacks the inn, which isn’t counted.
-Wan-Fai disappears after the end fight and was never seen for the rest of the movie, but the film claims that she will return someday to be reunited with Ma.