Timeless Romance (1998) Body Count Breakdown

Timeless Romance [Chiu Si Hung Yiu Oi] (1998) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Lau Yat Lo / Zhuge Liang (Tony Leung Chiu-Wai) – 2
Gi Gi / Zhang Fei (Theresa Lee) – 6
Accomplice / Liu Bei (Tats Lau) – 9
Guan Yu (Spencer Lam) – 5
Lu Meng (Fung Li) – 11
Si si (Eun-sook Cho) – 1


Tragedy – 1
-The father incinerates himself

Hospital – 2
-Lau dies of a stray gunshot wound (he was resurrected shortly after his death)
-The daughter bleeds out from cutting her wrists earlier

Apartment – 4
-Lady in apartment and takeout guy seen dead from being shot (not shown if its Gi Gi or her accomplice who did the shooting)
-Gi Gi shoots 2 cops

Alley – 9
-Accomplice shoots 8 cops
-Gi Gi blows up 1 cop

Temple – 3
-Gi Gi shoots 3 cops

An unknown, compelling force – 4
-4 cops killed by Guan Yu offscreen seen

Courtyard – 1
-Guan topples a pillar over Martin

Party Night – 29
-Zhu’s advisor hangs himself
-11 people blown up
-Loi Meng kills 10 soldiers and Guan Yu
-Zhu/Lau, Sook, Liu Bei/accomplice, Guan’s wife, Martin, Si si all jumped to their deaths off a cliff simultaneously to return to present-day (they are all resurrected later on, or maybe this scene is entirely a dream sequence?)

Lau’s Death – 3
-Si si shoots bodyguard
-Lau shoots pimp
-Lau dies after he was shot by pimp earlier