Tony Leung Chiu-Wai Killcounts

Forced Vengeance
Mad Mad 83
Fascinating Affairs 4
Young Cops
The Lunatics 1
Love Unto Waste
Happy Go Lucky
I Love Maria 1
My Heart Is That Eternal Rose 4
Seven Warriors 2
A City Of Sadness
Two Painters
Story Of The Sword And The Sabre
Fantasy Romance
Bullet In The Head 36
Days Of Being Wild
The Royal Scoundrel 9
Don’t Fool Me
The Great Pretenders
The Tigers
A Chinese Ghost Story III
The Banquet
Hard Boiled 50
Lucky Encounter
The Days Of Being Dumb 11
Three Summers
Come Fly The Dragon 8
Butterfly And Sword 27
The Eagle Shooting Heroes 9
Tom, Dick And Hairy
Hero Beyond The Boundary Of Time 1
The Magic Crane
End Of The Road 3
Two Of A Kind
He Ain’t Heavy… He’s My Father
Always Be The Winners
The Returning
Ashes Of Time 50
Doctor Mack
Heaven Can’t Wait
Cyclo 2

The Iron Butterfly III – A Whole Life Tomorrow

Blind Romance
War Of The Under World 4
’97 Aces Go Places 17
Chinese Midnight Express
The Longest Nite 6
Timeless Romance 2
Flowers Of Shanghai
Your Place Or Mine
Tokyo Raiders 2
Healing Hearts
Fighting For Love
Love Me, Love My Money
Chinese Odyssey 2002
Hero 45
Infernal Affairs
My Lucky Star
1:99 Shorts
Infernal Affairs III
Sound Of Colors
Seoul Raiders
Confession Of Pain 6
Lust, Caution
Red Cliff 13
Red Cliff II 59
The Great Magician
The Silent War 1
The Grandmaster
See You Tomorrow
Monster Hunt 2
Europe Raiders
Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings 46
Where The Wind Blows
Hidden Blade
Unce Upon A Time In Hong-Kong

The Goldfinger


No Kills In: Game Of Death, People’s Hero, Chungking Express, Happy Together, Gorgeous, In The Mood For Love

The New Heaven Sword And The Dragon Sabre
Nature Is Speaking
PTU 2019


**All counts above 9 are tentative. Until there is a video showing verification, you may take these numbers with a grain of salt.