X-Men: First Class Body Count Breakdown

X-Men: First Class (2011) Body Count Breakdown by Rorschach94


Azazel (Jason Fleyming): 37
Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon): 29
Eric Lensherr/Magneto (Michael Fassbender/Bill Milner): 6 (4 by Fassbender, 2 by Milner)
Janos Quested/Riptide (Álex González): 1


Anger and Pain: 3
-Shaw shoots Edie Lensherr
-Eric crushes two Nazi skulls with their helmets

Frankenstein’s Monster: 3
-Eric causes the bartender’s gun to go off, killing the “Tailor”
-Eric stabs the bartender
-Eric shoots the “Pig Farmer”

Hollow Threats: 1
-Shaw kills Colonel Hendry with an energy blast

CIA Assault: 60
-Azazel teleports 8 agents to their deaths offscreen (You hear him teleporting in the background, presumably one death per teleportation, minus the first)
-Azazel teleports the man in black’s partner to his death
-Azazel teleports the man in black to his death
-Azazel causes 7 more to drop from the sky
-Azazel redirects an agents machine gun fire, killing 2 agents
-Azazel slices and dices 4 agents
-Shaw kills 23 CIA agents with a mutant-power controlled explosion
-Azazel kills 6 more agents
-Azazel uses an agent as a human shield, and an agent shoots and kills him
-Riptide kills an agent
-Azazel kills the last agent
-Shaw kills 3 guards offscreen
-Azazel kills another agent who enters later
-Shaw kills Darwin with Havok’s energy blast

Cuban Missile Crisis: 7
-Azazel kills 5 Russian Naval officers offscreen (Presumably the rest of the crew as well, but they aren’t shown)
-Azazel kills a surviving agent
-Eric kills Shaw by slowly driving a Nazi coin through his skull


-3 boats worth of CIA agents are thrown into water by Riptide, but their deaths are never confirmed.
-Eric wraps 4 Russian soldiers in barb wire, but since two of them survived, we can assume the other two did as well.
-Azazel may have teleported more soldiers into the air, but only 8 teleportations are heard
-Azazel also reportedly killed the entire ship of Russian soldiers at the end, but only 5 bodies and one survivor are shown.