Hanna (2011) Body Count Breakdown

Hanna (2011) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09


Hanna (Saorise Ronan): 8
Marissa Wiegler (Cate Blanchett): 6
Erik Kressler (Eric Bana): 6
Issacs (Tom Hollander): 1


Cabin: 2
-2 commandos are seen dead, killed by Hanna off-screen

Escape: 4
-Hanna breaks the decoy’s neck
-Hanna shoots 1 guard
-Hanna shoots the guard she flipped on the table
-Hanna shoots her doctor

Rampage: 3
-Marissa shoots up a car, killing the driver
-Marissa shoots an innocent man in a grass field
-Marissa shoots Hanna’s decoy

“Can You Tell Me What She Looks Like?”: 1
-Marissa shoots Hanna’s grandmother

Boat: 2
-2 dead cops are seen dead, killed by Erik off-screen
-Train Station: 2
-Erik throws a knife into an agent’s chest
-An agent accidentally shoots 1 of his friends

Apartment: 1
-Erik shoots Burton in the eye through the peephole

Docks: 1
-Hanna slashes and stabs Razor to death with a switchblade

House: 1
-Walt is found dead, killed by Issacs off-screen

Flashback: 1
-Marissa shoots Johanna

Playground: 2
-Erik beats Titch to death
-Erik stabs Issacs in the chest with a wooden pole

“Kids Grow Up”: 1
-Marissa shoots Erik

“I Just Missed Your Heart”: 1
-Hanna shoots Marissa


-Erik beats up 2 FBI agents at the train station but the hits didn’t seem fatal