The Longest Nite (1998) Body Count Breakdown

The Longest Nite [Um Fa] (1998) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Corrupt Officer Sam (Tony Leung Chiu-Wai) – 6
Triad Informant Tony (Lau Ching Wan) – 4
Triad Boss Qi (Hoi-Pang Lo) – 1


Triad War in Macao – 9
-5 victims killed in triad wars seen in news report
-Qi shoots 1 associate
-3 more corpses seen on photographs

Crime Scene – 1
-1 decapitated corpse seen

Alley – 1

-Tony kills the whore (offscreen)

“Shoot me!!!” – 1
-Tony deliberately crashes his vehicle, killing his captor

Internal Affairs – 1
-Kong is killed

Basement – 1
-The suspect is killed

Parking Lot – 1

-Qi’s corpse seen in the back of Sam’s car, planted there by Tony (Tony’s kill)

Locker Room – 1

-Yong’s decapitated head seen, planted there by Tony (Tony’s kill)

Resisting Arrest – 5
-Sam shoots 5 triads

How do I get out of this mess? – 1
-Sam shoots the handcuffs holding Ah Fong, throwing her out into the streets where she bounces off a parked vehicle’s side before going under his wheels

Warehouse- 1
-Tony accidentally decapitated by a thin shard of glass while trying to shoot Sam (not Sam’s kill)

Docks/Betrayal – 1
-Triads shoots Sam


-1 guy is seen OD’ing but it isn’t confirmed if he died.
-Another suspect was badly flogged by Sam (his fingernails are torn out) but didn’t die.