Truth Or Consequences, N.M. (1997) Body Count Breakdown

Truth Or Consequences, N.M. (1997) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24


Curtis Freley (Kiefer Sutherland): 11
Marcus Weans (Mykelti Williamson): 4
Raymond Lembecke (Vincent Gallo): 2
Gordon Jacobs (Kevin Pollak): 1
Sir (Martin Sheen): 1
Cecil (Tim Parati): 1


Warehouse: 5
-Curtis shoots Eddie
-Curtis shoots the agent
-Curtis shoots 2 cops outside
-Curtis drives over 1 cop

Casino: 4
-Curtis shoots 3 bodyguards
-Curtis shoots Vago

Bar: 1
-Curtis chokes the cowboy, causing him to bleed out from Gordon slashing his throat

Interrogation: 1
-Wayne is shot by one of Sir’s men

Desert Shootout: 18
-The Mafia contact is accidentally shot by a gunman
-Curtis shoots the gunman who killed the contact
-Curtis is shot by a gunman
-Raymond shoots 1 gunman
-Marcus shoots Cecil’s partner
-Cecil shoots 1 gunman
-Sir shoots Cecil
-Marcus shoots 2 gunmen
-Gordon shoots Sir
-DEA agents shoot 4 gunmen
-Addy’s body shown, killed in the crossfire
-1 dead gunman shown near tractor
-Raymond shoots 1 gunman who was about to kill Marcus
-Marcus shoots Raymond


-One of the DEA agents mentions that 5 were killed in Vegas including Vago, but only 4 are killed, so it’s unknown whom the fifth casualty is, but it is likely that the number was overcounted by the agent.