Colour Of The Truth (2003) Body Count Breakdown

Colour Of The Truth [Hak Bak Sam Lam] (2003) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


S.P. Wong Jiang (Anthony Wong Chau-Sang) – 8 kills
Insp. Cola Chan Lok-Yin (Raymond Wong Ho-Yin) – 15 kills
Seven-Up (Lau Ching-Wan) – 1 kill
Ray Tam (Jordan Chan) – 1 kill
Cyclops (Terence Yin) – 3 kills
Joyce Wang (Katie Leung) – 3 kills (1 imagined)
Chief Insp. T.Y. Lau (Jimmy Wong Ga Lok) – 1 kill


Opening/Vengeance – 2
-Seven-Up and Tam Chui’s corpses were seen (later on in the film it is revealed that Seven-Up shoots Tam, and Wong shoots Seven-Up)

Scene of Crime – 7
-4 dead arms dealers were seen
-2 arms dealers were shot (imagined/flashback)
-A female victim who was caught in the earlier gunfight succumbs to her wounds

Breakout – 4
-A SWAT Team, under the aid of infra-red, shoots 2 thugs
-Cyclops knifes/stabs both members of the SWAT Team

The Hit – 6
-Cola shoots 6 hitmen

Home Invasion/A Game of Chess – 14
-Wong shoots 4 hitmen
-Cola shoots 8 hitmen, all in quick succession
-Wong blows up 2 hitmen with a grenade

The Operation Begins – 3
-Lau shoots 1 hitman under Cyclops’ disguise
-Wong shoots 1 hitman, also disguised as Cyclops
-The REAL Cyclops stabs Lau

The Arrest – 3 (1 imagined)
-Joyce slit 1 officer’s throat
-Joyce stabs Debbie while choking her simultaneously
-Wong imagined himself being shot by Joyce

Docks – 2
-Ray shoots Cyclops and drops him off a balcony
-Cola shoots Ray


– Wong subdues Joyce by shooting her and she is never seen again, it is never confirmed if she dies or was simply arrested.