The Wild Bunch Killcount and Body Count Breakdown

The Wild Bunch (1969)

Starring William Holden, Ernest Borgnine, Warren Oates and Ben Johnson

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Holden kills 41
Borgnine kills 26
Oates kills 39
Johnson kills 26

The Wild Bunch rights held by Warner Bros.

The Wild Bunch (1969) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24


Pike Bishop (William Holden): 41
Lyle Gorch (Warren Oates): 39
Dutch Engstrom (Ernest Borgnine): 26
Tector Gorch (Ben Johnson): 26
“Crazy” Clarence Lee (Bo Hopkins): 6
Deke Thornton (Robert Ryan): 4
Angel (Jaime Sánchez): 3
Pat Harrigan (Albert Dekker): 2
TC (LQ Jones): 2
Coffer (Strother Martin): 1
General Mapache (Emilio Fernández): 1


Office Robbery: 36
-Mercenaries accidentally shoot 11 civilians in the road
-Gunmen shoot 4 mercenaries
-1 civilian shot by a gunman
-Tector shoots 1 mercenary
-Thornton shoots 1 gunman
-Mercenaries shoot 4 gunmen
-Harrigan accidentally shoots 1 civilian
-Thornton accidentally shoots 1 band member
-Pike shoots 1 mercenary
-Thornton shoots another gunman
-Thornton accidentally shoots a horse, causing it to trample 1 civilian
-Coffer and TC shoot 1 gunman
-Lyle shoots 1 mercenary
-Crazy Lee shoots 3 employees in another room
-Lee shoots 3 lawmen
-Harrigan shoots Lee

“Finish it!”: 1
-Pike shoots Buck

Desert: 1
-The body of a man shown on the ground

“Puta!”: 1
-Angel shoots Teresa

House: 1
-Aurora is shot by her lover

Train: 4
-Lyle shoots 2 U.S. soldiers, causing them to fall off the train
-Angel shoots 2 soldiers, also causing them to fall off the train

Bridge: 3
-Pike shoots 1 mercenary on his horse
-TC shoots 1 U.S. soldier
-Tector shoots 1 mercenary off his horse

Railroad: 9
-1 Mexican officer shot by a rebel
-8 dead Mexican soldiers shown, killed by the rebels

Camp: 6
-6 dead Mexican soldiers shown in pile

Canyon: 1
-Mexican soldiers shoot 1 of their own, causing him to fall off the cliff

Village: 129
-General Mapache slits Angel’s throat
-Pike and Dutch shoot General Mapache
-Pike shoots Commander Mohr
-Pike shoots Lieutenant Herrera
-Tector shoots 1 Mexican soldier
-Lyle shoots 2 soldiers and 1 officer
-Dutch shoots 1 officer and 1 soldier
-Pike shoots 1 soldier and 1 officer
-Pike shoots the Mexican gunner
-Tector shoots another soldier
-Dutch shoots Major Zamorra
-Lyle accidentally shoots 1 woman
-Lyle shoots 2 more soldiers
-Pike shoots another soldier
-Tector shoots Ernst
-Pike shoots 1 more soldier
-Tector shoots 1 more soldier
-Lyle shoots 2 more soldiers and 2 more officers
-Dutch shoots another officer
-Tector mows down 20 soldiers with the machine gun
-Dutch blows up 18 soldiers with grenades
-Lyle shoots 2 soldiers
-Pike shoots 1 officer behind a mirror
-Dutch shoots 2 soldiers and 1 officer
-1 woman is shot by the soldiers while trying to kill Dutch
-Lyle mows down 24 soldiers
-Pike shoots 1 woman
-Pike shoots 4 more soldiers
-Pike mows down 17 soldiers
-Lyle and Tector die from gunshot wounds inflicted by the soldiers
-Pike blows up several boxes of ammo, killing 7 soldiers
-Pike and Dutch are shot by the soldiers