The Unmatchable Match (1990) Body Count Breakdown

The Unmatchable Match (1990) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Guts (Shing Fui-On) – 10 (2 imagined)
Fei (Wai-Man Chan) – 3
Cheung Lon/Cockroach (Stephen Chow) – 3
Ricky (Fan Wei Yee) – 2


Diamond Heist – 3
-1 police car hits a truck with considerable force, killing its driver
-Guts blows up an armoured truck with 2 officers on board, killing both

Docks – 9

-Guts shoot 1 rival triad
-Ricky shoots 1 rival triad
-Rival triads shoot 1 triad
-Triads shoots 2 rival triads
-Guts shoot 1 rival triad
-Triads blows up Frog’s car, killing him and his driver
-Fei shoot 1 triad

Apartment Rooftop – 6
-Guts shoot 1 dealer
-Ricky shoot 1 dealer
-Guts shoot 3 dealers
-Triads shoot 1 dealer

Pier – 4
-Cops shoots 4 triads

Nightmare – 2, imagined

-Lon sees himself and Fei being killed by Guts and triads in dream sequence

Construction Site – 6
-Lon shoot 1 triad
-Fei snaps 1 triad’s neck
-Lon kicks 1 triad out of a third-storey window
-Cops shoot 1 triad
-Lon shoot Guts
-Fei shoot Ricky


-A police car was hit by a Molotov cocktail thrown by one of the triads in the Diamond Heist scene but it didn’t explode and the cops in it could’ve possibly survived.
-Another police car drives off a cliff in another chase scene, but none of its ocupants died.