The Sentinel (2006) Bodycount Breakdown

The Sentinel (2006) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


The Assassin (Jasmin Geljo): 8
Pete Garrison (Michael Douglas): 5
David Breckinridge (Kiefer Sutherland): 2
Jill Martin (Eva Longoria): 2


Porch: 1
-The Assassin shoots Charlie Mayweather

Mall: 4
The Assassin shoots 1 agent
The Assassin shoots an innocent man off-screen (body is shown)
The Assassin shoots another innocent man off-screen (body is shown)
The Assassin shoots a security guard off-screen (body is shown)

Marine 1 is Down: 12
-An RPG rocket hits the Marine 1 helicopter, killing 10 Marines and the 2 pilots

Maryland: 1
-Walter Xavier’s dead body is shown, killed by The Assassin off-screen

Apartment: 1
-Pete shoots 1 assassin

Taking Down The President: 7
-The Assassin shoots 2 Secret Service Agents
-Pete shoots 1 assassin
-Assassins shoot Montrose
-Pete shoots another assassin
-Pete shoots an assassin and Breckinridge and Jill finish him (shared)
-Jill shoots The Assassin in the foot and Breckinridge finishes him with a chest shot (shared)

Final Standoff: 1
-Pete shoots The Handler