The New Option 10 (2004) Body Count Breakdown

The New Option 10: The Final Showdown / Point Of No Return (2004) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Hon Gin (Raymond Wong) – 7 kills, plus 1 in flashback
Captain Michael “Stone” Wong (Michael Wong) – 1 kill


Previously, in Final Option – 1
-Jason’s death by the hands of Hon Gin from the previous movie seen

Revenge – 2
-Hon’s mother and sister were shot dead by Uncle Fatso’s thugs

Nightclub – 5
-Hon guns down 5 of Uncle Fatso’s thugs

“I’m here, you called?” – 1
-Hon shoots Uncle Fatso’s lieutenant

Holdup – 4
-Piano shot by Uncle Fatso’s sniper
-Hon shoots Uncle Fatso, the same way he did when killing Jason
-Uncle Fatso’s sniper shoots Hon
-Stone shoots Uncle Fatso’s sniper

End Credits – 12
-12 deaths from previous Final Option movies seen