The Postman Fights Back Body Count Breakdown

The Postman Fights Back (1982) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Hu (Eddie Ko) – 31
Bu (Mei Sheng Fan) – 31
Fu Jun (Chow Yun Fat) – 5
Ma (Leung Ka-Yan) – 4


Night Visit – 1
-Hu shoots 1 bandit

Rescue – 2

-Ma stabs a bandit
-Jun shoots a dart into a bandit’s chest

Campfire – 5
-Jun stabs a bandit with a dart
-Bu blows up 4 bandits with dynamites

Twins Assault – 2
-Jun stabs the first twin with a dart
-Jun strangles the second twin with his scarf

Betrayal – 1
-Hu kills a spy

Torture – 1
-Miss Li tortured to death by Hu

Ice Pool – 4
-Bu snaps a bandit’s waist
-Jun stabs a bandit with a thrown spear
-Ma spears a bandit
-Ma smash a bandit’s head with a thick pole

Trap – 1

-Guihua hung by unseen assasin (implied to be Hu)

One-on-one – 1
-Jun killed by Hu

Human Targets – 27
-Hu massacres 24 prisoners with machine-gun prototype
-Hu guns down YaoJie and both of Yao’s sisters

Night of Vengeance – 14
-Bu’s dynamites blows up 6 rebels
-Bu shoots 7 rebels with machine-gun prototype
-Bu blows up himself

Aftermath – 12
-12 more rebels’ corpses (at least) seen at the site of the burnt-down camp caused by Bu’s dynamites

Final Battle – 1
-Ma kills Hu


-Bu throws a Molotov cocktail-type dynamite during the ice pool battle, but nobody is seen visibly killed by it.
-Many more rebel’s corpses are seen in the aftermath, but they’re too scattered to count