Chow Yun-Fat Killcounts


The Reincarnation
Bride So And Her Groom
Massage Girls 1
The Hunter, The Butterfly, And The Crocodile
Bed For Day, Bed For Night
Hot Blood
Miss O
Joy To The World
Hard Boiled Killers
Heroic Cops 3
The Story Of Woo Viet 4
Their Private Lives
The Head Hunter 9
The Postman Strikes Back 5
The Bund: Shanghai Revenge
Blood Money

Hong Kong Specialist

Last Affair
Love In A Fallen City
The Occupant
Hong Kong 1941 7
Why Me?
Lost Romance
Witch From Nepal 1
Dream Lovers
The Missed Date
The Lunatics 1
100 Ways To Murder Your Wife
A Better Tomorrow 55
Love Unto Waste
The Seventh Curse 2
A Hearty Response 1
My Will, I Will
City On Fire 2
Scared Stiff 5
Code Of Honour

Triad Savages

Rich And Famous 10
Tragic Hero 69
The Romancing Star
An Autumn’s Tale
Flaming Brothers 19
Spiritual Love

The Phantom Bride

A Better Tomorrow II 98
The Romancing Star II
The Eighth Happiness
Tiger On The Beat 15
Fractured Follies
The Diary Of A Big Man
The Greatest Lover
Cherry Blossoms
Goodbye, My Friend 8
City War 18
All About Ah-Long 1
The Killer 95
Wild Search 2
Triads: The Inside Story 2
A Better Tomorrow III: Love And Death In Saigon 4
God Of Gamblers 5
The Fun, The Luck & The Tycoon
Once A Thief 33
Prison On Fire II 1
Now You See It, Now You Don’t
Hard Boiled 84
Full Contact 12
Treasure Hunt 46
God Of Gamblers Return 42
Peace Hotel 106
The Replacement Killers 32
The Corruptor 10
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 1
Bulletproof Monk 2
Waiting Alone
The Postmodern Life Of My Aunt
Curse Of The Golden Flower 1
Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End 3
The Children Of Huang Shi 2
Shanghai 7
Let The Bullets Fly 1
Begging Of The Great Revivial
The Assassin 2
The Last Tycoon 17
From Vegas To Macau 22
The Monkey King Havoc In Heavens Palace
From Vegas To Macau II
From Vegas To Macau III
Cold War 2
Project Gutenberg
The Monkey King: The Legend Begins


No Kills In: Prison On Fire, God Of Gamblers II, Anna And The King, Dragonball Evolution


Shanghai Beach
The Radio Tycoon


**All counts above 9 are tentative. Until there is a video showing verification, you may take these numbers with a grain of salt.