The Perfect Weapon (1991): Body Count Breakdown

The Perfect Weapon (1991) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09


Jeff (Jeff Speakman): 9
Tanaka (Prof. Toru Tanaka): 3


Meet Tanaka: 1
-Tanaka kills his target by headbutting him

Kim’s Death: 1
-Tanaka kills Kim

Roof Infiltration: 1
-Jeff chokes a guard to death

Club: 1
-Jeff breaks a henchman’s neck (he is the only one seen not getting up)

Escape: 1
-Tanaka causes a cop car to crash, killing the cop inside

Warehouse: 5
-Jeff strangles a guard to death with his legs
-Jeff does a 3-punch combo to a henchman’s skull, killing him
-Jeff stabs a guard in the neck with a knife (briefly seen)
-Jeff stabs a henchman in the leg twice in the same area then finishes him off with a kick to the face, surely killing him
-Jeff throws a knife into a gunman’s chest, causing him to fall through a skylight to his death

Final Showdown: 2
-Jeff kills Kai
-Jeff sets Tanaka on fire and he goes towards some fuel tanks and is blown up


-Jeff knocks many nameless thugs and henchmen unconscious but didn’t kill them