A History Of Violence (2005) Body Count Breakdown

A History Of Violence (2005) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24


Tom Stall/Joey Cusack (Viggo Mortensen): 8
Leland (Stephen McHattie): 2
Billy (Greg Byrk): 1
Jack Stall (Ashton Holmes): 1
Richie Cusack (William Hurt): 1


Opening: 3
2 dead bodies shown inside motel, killed by Leland
Billy shoots a little girl

Diner Robbery: 2
Tom/Joey shoots Billy
Tom/Joey shoots Leland

House: 3
Tom/Joey kills Roarke with repeated upward palm strikes to his face
Tom/Joey shoots Mulligan
Jack shoots Fogarty

“Jesus, Richie!”: 5
Tom/Joey stomps on 1 thug’s throat, crushing his windpipe
Tom/Joey breaks 1 thug’s neck
Richie shoots Ruben
Tom/Joey shoots 1 thug
Tom/Joey shoots Richie