The Incredible Hulk (2008) Body Count Breakdown

The Incredible Hulk (2008) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09


Bruce Banner/The Hulk (Edward Norton): 25
Emil Blonsky/Abomination (Tim Roth): 15


Opening Credits: 1
-Hulk kills 1 military officer

Bottling Plant: 5
-Hulk kills a Portuguese Bully off-screen
-Hulk kills 1 commando off-screen (he is shown carrying his lifeless body)
-Hulk pushes a large soda canister towards 2 commandos, running over/crushing them
-A commando jumps out of the way but is caught under the canister and crushed and dragged to death by it (Hulk’s kill)

“He’s Doing It”: 14
-Hulk smashes out of the atrium, causing a large piece to crush 1 soldier
-Hulk pushes over a Humvee, causing it to flip over and kill the driver, passenger and gunner (with the Hulk’s strength, I doubt they survived)
-Hulk stomps on a Humvee, killing the driver and passenger
-Hulk slams the Humvee onto a sharp piece of metal multiple times, killing the gunner
-Hulk throws an engine at an Humvee, causing it to sideswipe another Humvee, blowing it up, killing the driver and passenger
-Hulk throws a piece of metal through a Soundwave Humvee, splitting it in half and blowing it up, killing the 2 soldiers who jumped out
-The explosion caused by Hulk blows up 1 more soldier
-Hulk throws the large piece of metal at the gunship and it crashes and explodes, killing the 2 pilots

“She’s An Annoying Bitch”: 1
-Blonsky hits Major Sparr in the back of the head with his gun, killing her (The Super Soldier serum gave made him stronger, so I’m counting it plus she doesn’t get back up)

Rampage: 13
-Abomination throws 2 soldiers out the window to their deaths
-Abomination throws a car at woman, crushing her
-Abomination punches through 6 cops
-Abomination crushes a Humvee with a taxi cab, killing the cab driver, the 2 cops driving and the 2 soldiers in the back

Hulk vs Abomination: 6
-Abomination throws a civilian to his death
-Hulk pulls down Abomination, causing him to pull the helicopter down, killing 3 soldiers in the middle, the pilot and the gunner (Hulk’s kills only)


-Hulk throws the lead bully through a window and into a wall but he is shown breathing at the end of the scene
-It is heavily implied Hulk killed the other scientists in the lab but only the soldier is shown dying
-Ross mentions that Hulk has killed over 10 people but the deaths aren’t shown