The Godfather Part II (1974) Body Count Breakdown

The Godfather Part II (1974) Body Count Breakdown by Longuecarabine

[Character Kills]

Mosca (Ignazio Pappalardo): 3
Vito Andolini/Don Vito Corleone (Robert De Niro): 2
Albert “Al” Neri (Richard Bright): 2
William “Willie” Cicci (Joe Spinell): 2
Don Tommasino (Mario Conote): 2
Strollo (Andrea Maugeri): 2
Frank “Frankie Five Angels” Pentangeli (Michael V. Gazzo): 1
Rocco Lampone (Tom Rosqui): 1
Bussetta (Amerigo Tot): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

Sicily 1901: 2
Antonio Andolini’s coffin is seen killed by Mosca and Strollo (Shared)
Mosca and Strollo shoot Paolo Andolini (Shared)

“It is not his words I am afraid of”: 1
Mosca shoots Signora Andolini with a shotgun

Assassination Attempt: 2
2 of Roth’s men’s bodies are seen killed by an assassin

“Michael Corleone says hello”: 2
Cicci shoots 2 of Roth’s men

Brothel: 1
A prostitute’s body is seen killed by Neri

Streets Of Havana: 2
A Cuban rebel blows up himself and a cop with a grenade

Kiss Of Death: 1
Bussetta strangles Johnny Ola with a clothes hanger

Hospital: 1
A cop shoots Bussetta

“What have you got there?”: 1
Vito shoots Don Fanucci in the chest and face

“His name was Antonio Andolini and this is for you!”: 3
Vito stabs Don Ciccio in the stomach with a knife then cuts it open
Tommasino shoots 2 of Ciccio’s button men

Corleone House: 1
Carmela Corleone’s body is seen died from natural causes

Airport: 2
Rocco shoots Hyman Roth
Cops shoot Rocco

“The Corleone Family was like The Roman Empire”: 1
Pentangeli’s body is seen died from cutting his wrists

“Hail Mary full of grace”: 1
Neri shoots Fredo in the back of the head

[The Unconfirmed And Uncounted]

Peter Clemenza died of a heart attack between The Godfather and The Godfather Part II
Willie Cicci is shot then run over but he survives
Vito cuts Mosca’s throat in a deleted scene
Vito beats Strollo to death with an oar in a deleted scene

[The Final Tally= 21]