The Expert (1995) Body Count Breakdown

The Expert (1995) Body Count Breakdown by Rutledal


John Lomax (Jeff Speakman): 7
Martin Kagan (Michael Shaner): 6
Joe Hazen (Richard Epper): 1
Tex (Robby Robinson): 1


I thought we’d get to know each other: 1
-Kagan kills Jenny Lomax

Parole hearing: 5

-Joe Hazen kills a member of the parole board
-John Lomax kills Buck Hazen
-Lomax shoots Joe Hazen dead
-Lomax shoots Bobby Sue Hazen
-Lomax throws Joe Hazen jr out a window, killing him

Execution: 1

-Bobby Lee Hazen is executed

Daddy’O: 1
-Flashback reveals that Kagan killed Bill Loomis’s wife

Revenge attempt: 1

-Kagan kills Bill Loomis

Life’s ironic: 1
-Kagan shoots Warden Munsey

“Bang!”: 1
-Kagan shoots Captain Jackson

3 against 1: 3
-Tex accidentally stabs a fellow inmate
-Lomax kills Tex
-Lomax kills Himes

“My shift!”: 1

-Kagan shoots a guard

“You can’t fly, you sunnavabitch!”: 1

-Lomax drops Kagan from the roof and on to a transformer which electrocutes him to death