Bloodfist II (1990) Body Count Breakdown

Bloodfist II (1990) Body Count Breadown by Rutledal


Jake Raye (Don “The Dragon” Wilson): 5
Javelin Guard (Big Boy Gomez): 2
Sal Taylor (Timothy D. Baker): 1
Su (Joe Mari Avellana): 1
Vinny Petrello (Maurice Smith): 1
Bobby Rose (Richard Hill): 1
Tobo Castenerra (Monsour Del Rosario): 1


Opening fight: 1
-Jake kills Mickey Sheehan in the ring

Arrival at paradise: 1
-Su kills one of his guards

First Round: 1

-Javelin Guard stabs John Jones

Making a Run For It: 1
-Javelin Guard throws a spear through Manny Rivera

“Kill him!”: 1
-Vinny Petrello kills Ernest Santana

Jake In The Ring: 3
-Jake kicks Vinny in the neck breaking it
-Jake shoots the javelin guard
-Jake shoots another guard

Breakout: 1
-Sal stabs a guard

Kung Fu Terrace: 1

-Tobo kicks a guard of the terrace

Drop the suitcase: 1
-Bobby Rose shoots Dieter

Su long: 1

-Jake kicks Su of a balcony