The Bourne Identity (1988) Body Count Breakdown

The Bourne Identity (1988) Body Count Breakdown by Kooshmeister


Jason Bourne (Richard Chamberlain): 9
Carlos (Yorgo Voyagis): 3
Fritz Koenig (Peter Vaughan): 3
Gold Glasses (Wolf Kahler): 2
Gillette (James Laurenson): 2
D’Anjou (James Faulkner): 1
General François Villiers (Anthony Quayle): 1


Man Overboard: 1
-A bomb planted aboard the ship explodes killing 1 crew member that we see

Geimeinschaft Bank: 2
-Gold Glasses accidentally shoots 1 other assassin and an innocent bystander

The Last of Chernak: 1

-Bourne shoots Chernak

Escapes: 2
-Bourne shoots the Gigantic Man
-Bourne shoots Gold Glasses

Treadstone Tragedy: 3

-Koenig shoots Elliot Stevens
-Koenig shoots Meg
-Koenig shoots the Yachtsman

Churchgoers: 3
-Carlos kills Madame Jacqui offscreen (her body is shown)
-Bourne shoots the Blonde Man
-Bourne shoots the Beggar

Trocadero Shootout: 2
-Bourne shoots 1 assassin
-D’Anjou shoots 1 assassin

Cemetery Ambush: 3
-Gillette shoots General Conklin
-Gillette shoots David Abbott, who dies of his injuries later
-Bourne shoots Gillette

Corpse’s Message: 1

-General Villiers shoots Angelique offscreen (her body is shown)

Flashback: 2
-Carlos kills Bourne’s wife and son with a grenade

Final Confrontation: 2
-Bourne shoots Johann
-Bourne shoots Carlos


-Bourne hits an assassin with Marie’s car. Carlos is later told “four of our men were killed,” but it’s possible the Beggar meant Chernak. The car wasn’t driving that fast anyway.
-Marie’s friend Peter White is killed offscreen, presumably by Johann.