District 13 (2004) Body Count Breakdown

District 13 [Banlieue 13] (2004) Body Count by Eggimann


Damien (Cyril Raffaelli): 15
K2 (Tony D’Amario): 4
Leito (David Belle): 2


Beginning: 6
K2 breaks Tariks neck
K2 kicks a guy into the wall*
K2 shoots two guards
Thug falls to his death
Leito throws a guard down the stairs

Taha´s Office: 3
Taha shoots 3 of his own people

Police Station: 1
Leito kills Police Chief

Casino: 15
Gangster shoots Pedro
9 guards shot by Damien
1 guard thrown down to his death by Damien
1 guard thrown on a table by Damien, breaking his spine
1 guards neck broken by Damien
1 guard thrown down stairs by Damien
Damien throws himself and a guard down onto a table, killing the guard

Truck: 2
Kids blow up two guards in truck

Taha´s Office: 2
Taha shoots one of his own men
Taha´s men turns on Taha and shoots him.

Yeti: 1
Damien smashes a brick at Yeti´s head

* The guard hit his head pretty damn hard so i am counting it.


Many people are beaten up throughout the movie, but few looked fatal.