Takers (2010): Body Count Breakdown

Takers (2010) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Jake Attica (Michael Ealy): 7
A.J. (Hayden Christensen): 4
Ghost (Tip “T.I.” Harris): 3
Jesse Attica (Chris Brown): 3
Gordon (Idris Elba): 2
John Rahway (Paul Walker): 2
Eddie Hatcher (Jay Hernandez): 1
Jack Welles (Matt Dillon): 1


Apartment: 2
-Eddie shoots 1 Russian
-Jack shoots 1 Russian

Heist: 3
-Jake detonates the C-4, accidentally blowing up 1 innocent bystander
-A.J. shoots 1 guard
-Jesse shoots 1 guard next to A.J. (watch it in slow-mo and you will see him firing and the guard briefly falling down)

Kitchen: 1
Jesse shoots Eddie in the neck and he dies when Jack talks to him

Hotel: 10
-A.J. shoots 1 Russian
-Jake shoots 1 Russian
-Jesse, John and Gordon shoot 1 Russian together (watched it slow-mo and saw that while Jesse shot him, John and Gordon gave him supporting fire and finished him off)
-Gordon shoots 1 more Russian
-A.J. shoots 1 Russian in his final stand
-Jesse shoots another Russian
-A.J. is shot multiple times by the Russians and dies while the others escape
-Jake shotguns 2 Russians
-Jake shotguns Sergei

Jake’s Place: 1
-Ghost kills Lily off-screen and her body is shown

Out The Back/Jake and Jesse’s Final Stand: 2

-Jesse and Jake are gunned down by the cops

Plane/Betrayal: 2
-Ghost shoots Scott and his bodyguard

Final Standoff: 1
-John shoots Ghost


-Many people are hit, punched and knocked out in many scenes but none of their hits are fatal or lethal
-The film never states whether or not Gordon or Jack survived their wounds