Surviving The Game (1994) Bodycount Breakdown

Surviving The Game (1994) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24


Mason (Ice-T): 4
Thomas Burns (Rutger Hauer): 1
Doc Hawkins (Gary Busey): 1
Walter Cole (Charles S. Dutton): 1


Opening: 1
Doc Hawkins shoots a man being hunted with a crossbow

Junkyard: 1
Hank dies of old age overnight

Fighting Back: 34
33 severed heads seen in the cabin
Mason throws Hawkins into the burning cabin and he is blown up

“Just kidding!”: 1
Cole shoots Griffin

Woods Chase: 1
Burns mercy kills Cole by choking him to death

The Hunt Continues: 1
Mason causes Derek to fall off the side of a mountain to his death

“Fuck that!”: 1
Mason breaks Wolfe’s neck

“Game’s over!”: 1
Mason jams the barrel of Burns’ gun with cigarettes and it backfires and explodes in Burns’ face, killing him


-There could possibly have been more severed heads, and it’s a bit iffy, but I counted the ones shown in the initial shot and the one of the burning cabin.
-The bodycount also includes Mason’s dog as well as a pig.