Gary Busey Killcounts

The Love-Ins
Didn’t You Hear?
The Magnificent Seven Ride! 1
The Last American Hero
Blood Sport
The Execution Of Private Slovik
You And Me
The Gumball Rally
Foolin’ Around
Barbarosa 2
The Bear
Let’s Get Harry 10
Eye Of The Tiger 37
Half A Lifetime
Lethal Weapon 5
Bulletproof 46
Act Of Piracy 4
Hider In The House 4
The Neon Empire
My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys
Point Break 3
Wild Texas Wind
Canvas 2
Under Siege 1
Surviving The Game 1
Warriors 8
Drop Zone 6
Carried Away
The Chain 11
Sticks & Stones
Lethal Tender 5
Plato’s Run 2
The Rage 6
Suspicious Minds
Rough Riders
Rough Draft 2
Universal Soldier II: Brothers In Arms 8
The Girl Next Door
Two Shades Of Blue
Jacob Two Two Meets The Hooded Fang
No Tomorrow 2
Hot Boyz 5
Best Actress
G-Men From Hell
Slap Shot 2: Breaking The Ice
Sam & Janet
On The Edge 8
Quigley 1
Welcome 2 Ibiza
Frost: Portrait Of A Vampire
Ghost Rock 3
The Shadowlands
The Prize Fighter
Motorcross Kids
Latin Dragon
El Padrino
Shade Of Pale
Buckaroo: The Movie
Chasing Ghosts 6
The Gingerdead Man 5

The Hand Job

Souled Out
No Rules
Cloud 9
Valley Of The Wolves: Iraq
Shut Up And Shoot!
The Hard Easy 1
Homo Erectus
Succubus: Hell-Bent
Lady Samurai
Beyond The Ring
Down And Distance
Matt’s Chance
Bounty Killer 2
Confessions Of A Womanizer
Behaving Badly
Bikini Model Academy
King Of LA
Camp Manna
Bunker Of Blood: Chapter 8: Butcher’s Bake Off: Hell’s Kitchen
Reggie: A Millennial Depression Comedy

TOTAL: 197

No Kills In: Wild In The Streets, Angels Hard As They Come, Dirty Little Billy, Lolly-Madonna XXX, Thunderbolt And Lightfoot, A Star Is Born, Straight Time, The Buddy Holly Story, Big Wednesday, Carny, D.C. Cab, Silver Bullet, Predator 2, The Player, Chrome Soldiers, The Firm, Rookie Of The Year, South Beach, Breaking Point, Man With A Gun, The Real Thing [Livers Ain’t Cheap], Black Sheep, Lost Highway, Steel Sharks, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, Detour, Soldier, Down ‘n Dirty, A Crack In The Floor, Glory Glory [Hooded Angels], If Love Hadn’t Left Me Lonely [Lexie], Border Blues, Dr. Dolittle 3, Blizhniy Boy: The Ultimate Fighter, Piranha 3DD, Entourage, Mansion Of Blood, Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens, The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time