Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li (2009): Body Count Breakdown

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (2009) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Charlie Nash (Chris Klein): 10
Balrog (Michael Clarke Duncan): 7
Vega (Jaime “Taboo” Gomez): 5
Chun-Li (Kirsten Kreuk): 4
Det. Maya Sunee (Moon Bloodgood): 4
Gen (Robin Shou): 3
M.Bison (Neal McDonough): 2


Loyalty: 5
-Vega kills the 5 Shadaloo board members off-screen

Failure: 1
-Bison beats Catana to death in a punching bag

Club: 2
-Chun-Li kicks one of Catana bodyguards in the neck while spinning on a pole, breaking his neck
-Chun-Li shoots another bodyguard with his own gun

“Say Good Night, Baby”: 9
-Gen jump kicks 2 Shadaloo soldiers in the necks, breaking them (both are seen dead)
-Balrog blows up Gen’s house with an RPG, killing the other 7 Shadaloo soldiers inside

Escape: 1
-Chun-Li kicks a thug in the skull and he dies when she gets down

Reunion: 1
-Bison breaks Xian’s neck

Docks/Ship: 24
-Maya shoots 3 Shadaloo soldiers
-Interpol agents shoot 4 Shadaloo soldiers
-Charlie shoots 3 Shadaloo soldiers
-Interpol agents shoot 2 Shadaloo soldiers
-Charlie shoots the Shadaloo soldier about to kill Chun-Li
-Maya shoots 1 Shadaloo soldier
-Charlie shoots 3 Shadaloo soldiers
-Shadaloo soldiers shoot 2 Interpol agents
-Interpol agents shoot 1 Shadaloo soldier
-An Interpol agent machine guns 1 Shadaloo soldier
-Charlie shoots the Shadaloo soldier who shot Maya
-Charlie shoots another Shadaloo soldier
-Gen stabs Balrog with a pipe carrying nitrogen

Parking Garage: 3
-Charlie uses a Shadaloo soldier as a human shield and he is shot by another (not Charlie’s kill)
-Charlie headshots a Shadaloo soldier
-An Interpol agent shoots the last Shadaloo soldier

Final Fight: 1
-Chun-Li shoots a Kikoken at Bison, causing him to fall off a scaffolding where she breaks his neck with her legs on her way down


-Many Shadaloo soldiers, bodyguards and thugs are beaten up by Chun-Li but none of her hits looked lethal